The Guerra-Gregorj Kilns are an original and valuable example of industrial archaeology in the Province of Treviso, in St.Antonino. This town lies a few kilometres from the city, near the Sile River, which has been an important commercial artery for many centuries. Declared to be “a valuable testimony of an old world on the way to extinction” in the 10/6/1987 decree of the Ministry for Cultural and Environmental Treasures, which places this site under the care of law 1/6/1939 nr 1089.

The goal of these pages is to pay homage to the works of the past, from those works of the entrepreneurs to those of the artists and the workers who found success in the kiln and have left their mark, which represents motifs for remembrance, dialogue and industry for the youths of today.
                                                                   by Luisa Gregorj

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